What is this site

This website ("MMK.net") contains the document archives (or "file library") of the murder case of Meredith Kercher.

Meredith was an English student who began studying in Perugia, Italy, in September 2007 under the Erasmus program. She was murdered in Perugia in November 2007. The murder case gained world-wide attention, with the media focusing on the main suspects Rudy Guede, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. There were extensive police investigations and various trials.

This website contains the public record documentation of the investigations and judicial proceedings of the murder case. Some basic rough statistics:
-over 20,000 files available. This total includes:
-3,000 PDF documents (145 court transcripts; 90 court motivation reports, decrees, ordinances and sentences; 220 police and consultant reports; 250 depositions; 250 prosecutor notices; 220 police notices, among many others)
-17,000 images in JPG, PNG or other formats, nearly all bundled into zip files for convenient downloading (4,600 images are photos of source documents and folders; 4,500 images are extracts from reports and presentations; 3,500 images are categorized into different evidence items; 2,650 images are related to the crime scene)
-150 audio files (court audio)
-130 video files (crime scene video, prison meeting room intercept videos, courtroom presentation videos, CCTV videos and others)

An earlier version of this file library can also be found at this other website ("MK Wiki"):



As happens in normal life, contacts with others can be lost. I personally have not had contact with the owner of "MK Wiki" since 2017. Not knowing for how long the owner will continue to maintain the "MK Wiki" website, and not wanting the file library to potentially disappear, I have created this 'duplicate' library website specifically to keep the murder case file library publicly available. At the same time, I have updated the file library with many additional image files and other documents.

Eventually I will produce a guide book to assist anyone interested in researching this murder case. The guide book will highlight the most important documents related to the case, especially the evidence collected by the Italian police, but also some key police reports and court summaries. There are thousands of files in the file library, so the guide book will give readers an overview of the murder case without parsing each and every file.

"MK Wiki" still remains a very valid website for the file library. But any future updates to the file library will only be done here at "MMK.net". It should be noted that "MK Wiki" was created prior to the creation of the file library, so there are possibly a few minor errors in its webpages with respect to what is actually found in the case files.

Much has been written about the murder, the defendants and Italian criminal justice procedures. However the vast majority of authors, journalists and experts who have written about the case have never looked at all case files or noted all the available evidence. In particular, most writers have skipped over critical police and prosecutor documentation describing the many different pieces of evidence obtained. As one example, the UACV crime scene analysis report remains virtually unknown, though it is the main police report that Judge Micheli refers to in his motivations report. Instead, writers have tended to focus on only a few DNA samples, despite hundreds of samples having been obtained. Or they have focused on statements and books by the suspects, when there is a lot more evidence and documentation that is available.

In part, this is due to the fact that the murder occurred in Italy, so all the critical documentation is in Italian. But I also suspect that in part, there has been much bias in the reporting, as authors, journalists and experts have sought to focus on the suspects, or problems with the Italian justice system, rather than focusing on the evidence and what the Italian justice system actually surmised in the various trials related to the case.

I hope that this file library may help correct some inaccurate perceptions of the case. In particular, I hope people are encouraged to look at the details of this case, because, as with many things in life, "the devil is in the details".